How Can We Help You?

Building Evaluation & Code Review

Your building is like your home, and like your home we want you to feel comfortable in it. Since most people spend as much time in their work building as they do at home, we believe that it should feel like home. Our building evaluation team treats your building like our home. From top to bottom we inspect every aspect of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing that is in your building. We take the time to provide our clients with a complete report of our findings and make recommendations on life expectancy of equipment, code and life safety issues. We will help in the planning and phasing of how to move forward. Our building evaluation team knows the code, knows your needs and knows how to plan for the future.

- Building MEP inspections
- Code review
- Life safety review
- Building and systems study
- Review bids and proposals
- Budget Planning and phasing
- Energy audit