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Commissioning & Validation

From retro commissioning to testing new equipment and

validating performance our team looks at it all. We don’t

only look at the functionality and performance; we want

to test its limits. Find the critical points and expose them.

Our extensive testing is second to none. If we can find the

breaking points before they happen our clients save time

and money over the life of the equipment. We know and

understand that mechanical electrical and plumbing

components are some of the most expensive systems in  

a building and knowing that they will stand up to our

standards of testing, gives our clients piece of mind. Not

only does our commissioning and validation evaluate the

performance, it also fine tunes the equipment to

outperform the competition and gives our clients a guide

for set points and standards of operation. This gives

facility’s managers the tools needed to obtain maximum

performance for their MEP systems.