How Can We Help You?

​​​Construction Administration 

During the construction phase, our construction administration team will not only manage the construction of your project, but we will also be an advocate for the client, making sure their needs are met. Having worked in the construction trade and knowing the interworking’s of a project allows us to bridge the gap between engineer, contractor and client. Our experienced construction administration team is the driving force behind our success with less than 2% errors and omissions. Having a hands on engineer ready to be on site at the drop of a hat, allows a project to move forward without any impact to schedule or pricing.

- Plan, organize and integrate project team and schedule.
- Work with team to monitor contract documents and

  achieve project milestones.
- Monitor project performance.
- Help develop and approve method of procedures.
- Help develop and approve addendums.
- Coordinate and maintain meeting minutes for owner,

   contractor and safety meetings.
- Review and approve change orders, change request and

   field directives.
- Provide leadership.
- Onsite inspections.
- Prepare and maintain project notebook.
- Commission and validate systems.