From high end electrical switch gear to low voltage lighting, our electrical department has the tools and know how to get the job done right. Using the latest software and technology. We can model and see how the electrical systems will produce in both functionality and safety. This allows us to see the outcome of a project in house long before any equipment or lights are ordered, saving our clients not only time and money but also giving them peace of mind. Our electrical systems are the supporting structurers for many aspect of the world today, from your credit card swipes to your cell phone calls, even emergency dispatch. Our experienced electrical team knows and understands the need for reliability and sustainability on our projects.

- Lighting Systems
- Low Voltage Controls
- Power Distribution
- UPS & PDU Power Systems
- Fiber Optics
- Medium Voltage Design
- Emergency & Standby Power
- Grounding
- Exterior Lighting
- Fire & Life Safety
- Arc Flash Studies

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