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Energy Conservation Studies 

Much of the world’s energy usage today comes from buildings. With the growing trends in technology and vast improvements in energy efficient equipment, it is common practice to see significant pay back in upgrading out of date and inefficient equipment. When we do an energy audit, we look at all aspects of a building not just MEP. Our team will not only look at the existing systems, we will also bring in other trades with our architects and other engineers to find energy efficiency improvements in natural lighting, natural shading, and improved building materials. Our team looks at improved energy cost, reducing CO2 emissions, increasing operating performance and provides total asset value. We know that improving efficiency improves the world for everyone

- Energy rebate program evaluation.
- Building envelope evaluation.
- Occupancy use evaluation.
- BAS evaluation.
- Ventilation evaluation.
- HVAC systems heating and cooling evaluation.
- Refrigeration system evaluation.
- Electrical power consumption evaluation.
- Lighting evaluation.
- Water usage evaluation.
- Hot water evaluation.
- Kitchen evaluation.