Every year we want to take the opportunity to help mold

and shape future engineers. Our internship program will

put your engineering minds to the test and in the

process give you real world experience. We feel that it

important to invest our time in the future.

We know that school work is hard and the most

important part of a student’s life, that’s why we work

around your school schedule to make sure that your

studies are not compromises. We also take the time to

allow our interns to see the bigger picture and don’t just

limit them to small tasks. We want our interns to have a

full understanding of what life will be like once they are

off on their own career path.

We prefer that our interns be equip for the tasks they will undergo. That’s why we ask that they have experience in AutoCAD and other basic Microsoft programs such as word, excel, outlook etc...

If you feel that you are qualified to become an intern at Professional Engineers Inc. please check out our 
Current Job Openings and click on the Internship link.

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