How Can We Help You?

​​Our People
From top to bottom we understand that team effort is key to success. Uniquely

we encourage each person to own their role and take it to new heights. No matter

how big we are we still believe that approachability is important to our success.

We find that people are more successful when they are able to stand on their own

work and accomplishments. This gives all of our employees the authority to

manage their own position as well as other positions that impact their work.

Drafting Department 

Our drafters are held to the highest standards, and are expected to stay up to date

on the latest techniques and software used in today’s vastly changing world of

technology. We also expect our drafters to take on more of a design role and we do

not limit them to just one discipline. This allows them to see the whole project from

their perspective and gives them the authority to manage others with respect to

their drafting.

Design Department

Our designers are the “think tank” of our office; they are given the constraints and asked to solve problems. They are expected to know  and keep up to date on current codes and standards. They also work side by side with our drafters, project managers and engineers to bridge the gap for the team. We ask them to look at a project from a management perspective. This allows them to see the bigger picture of what it is we do.

Project Managers (PM’s)

Our PM’s are the voice of communication for a project. They are expected to know and understand the needs of the project. From the concept to the completion of a project they keep it on track and manage the office personal, contractors, and other team members, to make sure the project runs smoothly. They are expected to work side by side with project team members, code officials and inter office personal to deliver a complete project.

Account Managers

The account manager position is much like the PM but with an emphasis in client relationships. We don’t only want to have a successful project; we want to create successful long term relationships. Our account managers are the corner stone of our client relationships. They are the client’s voice in our office and it’s their job to understand the needs and concerns of the clients, then stand up and express those needs on their behalf.

Our engineers are the "problem solvers" of our office; they are expected to know all of the constraints of a project and solve problems by taking all of the pieces and orchestrating them together to make sure that the project works. We expect our engineers to know the code requirements, know the latest innovative technology, stay up to date on current standards in engineering practices and know that it will work the first time every time.  

Office Manager

The office as a whole is held accountable by the office manager. It’s their job to make sure that our office is running smooth and efficient, that projects meet their deadlines and that our office is equipped with the right personnel. Our 

office managers make sure that all of our staff has the right tools required to make them successful and we encourage them to find gaps in our system and fix them.


Our principal is responsible for bringing it all together, the master mind of Professional Engineers, Inc. He is tasked with pairing up the right personal with the right task. He also understands that each position here has authority over him with respect to their work. There is no task too small or too large for the principal. He works one on one with every aspect of the team no matter how big or how small the project.