How Can We Help You?

Our Philosophy 
Our philosophy is simple, Communication.
We believe that communication is the key to success in

we do. If we can communicate effectively through our drawings,

designs, concepts and evaluations. We can successfully lead our

projects through the code review process, budget constraints, and

project schedule. Communication is how we are able to maintain

less than 2% errors and omissions on our projects. We believe that

​there 4 simple steps in the communication process.


We have set down with several of our clients and contractors over the years, and when we asked what is the most important value they want to see in an MEP consultant. The number one answer is that they want to be heard. We want our clients to have a platform where their needs can be met and in order to do that we first have to listen.


Not only do our clients want to be heard, they want their objectives to be understood. No matter what the project is, there is always some type of constraint that has to be followed: budget, design, schedule, performance or city review. Our success is based strictly on an understanding of those constraints.


Successful communication comes with knowing when to lead, when to follow and when to get out of the way. At some point in every successful project, all of the team members must know how and when to lead. With successful communication comes successful leadership.


Once we have listened, understood and lead, it’s time to deliver. Our communication process is evaluated by our finished product. When we complete a project with zero code review comments, zero change orders, and zero errors and omissions, we have succeeded.