Our Standards
Setting the Standard

Our number one standard is safety. It has to be safe

for the people working on it, the people occupying

it, and the environment around it. We take pride in

knowing the local and national code standards. We

also take pride in our ability to dig deeper into the

value of industry standards and how that impacts

safety. On several of our projects we have had code

officials defer to us on the intent of the code and in

some instances even redefined the code.


Our quality of work stems from a global view of a

project. We make quality a top standard. From the

smallest projects to the largest projects, it hast to

be quality. Everyone from top to bottom here at

Professional Engineers, Inc. is strategically placed in their role to see the project from every aspect. It’s because of this we are able to charge less for a much higher quality of product. Project after project, it’s the contractors at the end of the day that tell us that our quality of work is better than they have ever seen.

Save Time Save Money

We figured out early on that change orders, review comments and errors on a project will have a major impact on both time and money. This impact is felt by all members involved in the project. Our standard on every project is to have zero change orders, zero permit or review comments and zero errors or omissions. Many consultants will tell you that this is impossible, but our work speaks for itself. We have a proven track record of less than  2% errors and omissions, we consistently submit projects without change orders and rarely have review comments. 

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